10/03/2020 - 10/25/2020

Opening Night with VIP Post-Show Reception | Saturday, October 3
Previews October 1 & 2

Performs through October 25 | Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2:30pm

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by John Weidman
Based on an idea by Charles Gilbert, Jr.
Orchestrations by Michael Starobin

“Mr. Sondheim’s astonishing score takes staples of American folk, pop and ceremonial music and turns them inside out.”

Cold-blooded killers provide the chilling subject of this musical. Unusual stories to base a musical on. Sure. But with typical Sondheim grace and wit, ASSASSINS is certain to be one of the highlights in a year of political turmoil.

The daring, darkly funny, Tony Award®-winning musical exposé, Assassins, continues our celebration of Sondheim’s 90th birthday. From John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald, nine would-be and successful presidential assassins inspire each other to pull the trigger and change their worlds in a perverse, wry and thrillingly entertaining vaudeville. Sondheim’s stunning music and sardonic lyrics come to life in a fascinating examination of the twisted American Dream. Assassins combines Sondheim’s signature blend of intelligently stunning lyrics and beautiful music with a panoramic story of our nation’s culture of celebrity and the violent means some will use to obtain it. Bold, original, disturbing and alarmingly funny, Assassins is perhaps the most controversial musical ever written.

  • Tickets

    Regular: $55

    Discounts available for students, seniors, educators, and military: $50

    Youth: $45

    Previews: $25


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  • Production Team

    Produced by Guggenheim Entertainment
    Directed by Scott Evan Guggenheim
    Musical Direction by Stephen Guggenheim
    Musical Staging by Shannon Guggenheim
    Set Design by Jerald Enos
    Costume Design by Sherrol Simard
    Sound Design by Jon Leyden
    Orchestrations by ROCS
    Production Stage Managed by Chela Noto*

  • About

    Assassins is a full length musical presented in one act

    Running time is 1 hour and 50 mins

  • History

    America has lived with the terror of politics by assassination since 1835, when a deranged house painter attempted to murder President Andrew Jackson. Assassins, by lyricist-composer Stephen Sondheim and librettist John Weidman, is a kaleidoscopic musical theatre exploration of nine people who committed (or attempted to commit) political murder in America over a period of two centuries. Assassins opened at Playwrights Horizons in New York on January 27, 1991, under the direction of Jerry Zaks.

    In the framework of a showbiz revue, Assassins gives voice to the nine characters’ hopes, fears, and furies by exposing the twisted thoughts that make them such intriguing figures. Crossing barriers of time and space, the assassins commiserate with each other, explaining their actions with pride, pain, and dark humor. They become a chorus, united by their deeds and their tormented motivations. As the audience is pulled in and kept off-balance by the constantly changing pace and tone of the show, they see evil connect with evil. As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, the individual assassins awaken to their collective identity, and come to personify an underside of the American dream where anybody can grow up to kill a President.

    Assassins suggests that our leaders are the victims of frequent assassination attempts largely because American mythology promises everyone a right to their dreams; if these dreams are not attained, someone must be responsible. The nine assassins share a desperate need to reconcile their belief in this myth with their sense of personal hopelessness.

    American assassins have tended to act as solitary figures. Often, rather than killing to advance or sustain a political cause, they have sought notoriety, however temporary, for themselves. Deluding themselves with fantasies that their one great deed will maintain or restore the perfect nation, they believe that they have righted a fundamental wrong by behaving in accordance with American ideals. In Assassins, the nine central characters sing “Another National Anthem” because they are denied entrance to the playing fields where the real anthem is sung.

    Each character in Assassins was thrust into our awareness by committing a terrible act. While we might normally perceive them as freaks with no message for us, the time we spend with them in the show reveals them to be multidimensional people with problems who have more in common with the rest of us than we might like to acknowledge.

    As we are drawn into the crazed complexities of the assassins’ minds, we are forced to recognize the extent to which violence has become commonplace in our national life. As theatre critic Frank Rich stated in his New York Times review of Assassins (1/28/91), “there is a shadow America, a poisoned, have-not America, that must be recognized by the prosperous majority if the violence in our history is be understood and overcome.”

  • Age Guide

    Assassins contains strong themes involving guns, gun use, and assassinations as well as a few choice words. Please use judgment when bring young children. We recommend this production for guests age 13 and up.


Jim Ambler*
John Hinckley
Jackson Davis*
Samuel Byck
Stephen Guggenheim*
John Wilkes Booth
Susan Gundunas*
The Proprietor / Emma Goldman
Jeremy Kreamer
Balladeer / Lee Harvey Oswald
Nick Nakashima*
Giuseppe Zangara
F. James Raasch
Leon Czolgosz
Martin Rojas Dietrich*
Charles Guiteau
Katherine Stein*
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme
Krista Wigle*
Sara Jane Moore
Chela Noto*
Production Stage Manager
*Member, Actors' Equity Association



Assassins is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

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