March 2020: Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all programming originally planned for 2020 and 2021 has been postponed. Please be sure you are on our e-list so you can receive updates when programming resumes. Head to the bottom of any page here at our website to subscribe to our e-news.

Retro Film & Cult Classics

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Fourth Saturday of Every Month

The long running cult classic is a monthly hit at 3Below thanks to the dedicated team from the Barely Legal Shadow Cast who entertain fans month after month. Catch this highly interactive event that's so much fun, it's barely legal.

Cats: Now and Forever A Cult Classic

Saturday Nights

Ah, CATS. The movie some people love and some people love to hate. The moment the trailer launched, the world tilted its head like a curious Jellicle wondering, "what are we watching!?" Was this high camp or was everyone involved taking it quite seriously? No matter your take, CATS will live forever because of the memes galore, the scathing reviews from movie critics and moviegoers alike, and even an unprecedented re-release of the film to correct some pretty shocking CGI blunders. Safe to say, not even the premiere of The Rocky Horror Picture Show enjoyed such an outpouring of sour milk. The claws are out as we offer weekly viewings of this soon-to-be cult classic.

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