Covid-19 Patron Guidelines & FAQs

Thank you for reading all of what follows since many of our operational procedures have changed due to state and county guidelines for gathering during the pandemic.

As of March 2021, our county is allowing movie theaters to operate indoors. Film events in Theater 3 will be limited to a maximum of 65 guests; Theater 2 will be limited to a maximum of 22 guests. Programming offered by ComedySportz in Theater 1 is still on hold as are all of Guggenheim Entertainment's live theatrical experiences and classes.

Although we are eager to reopen and excited that at least part of our operations can resume, we do so with the understanding that any guests who elect to attend events know that we are entrusting our audience with shared responsibility to adhere to all county guidelines so we can make this experience safe and enjoyable for everyone. We will be following all Santa Clara County guidelines as we endeavor to produce events during the pandemic. We expect our patrons to have patience and understanding with some unusual restrictions placed upon us as we strive to follow these guidelines so that we can have at least some semblance of entertainment for you this spring. 


Here is what we expect of our patrons:

  • Masks are required for guests and staff throughout the theater and cafe. Your mask must cover your nose and mouth and fit snugly around your face and chin. Neck gaiters, open-chin bandanas and masks with vents or exhalation valves are not acceptable at this time. If needed, masks are available to purchase for just $2.
  • Guests will purchase reserved, pre-assigned seating in advance. This will assist in limiting the number of attendees entering the theater at a time.
  • Guests will follow established directional entry and exit  guidelines into the cafe and theaters.
  • Guests will use the floor markers that indicate a safe distance of 6' between the next queued guest.
  • Take advantage of the sanitizer and wipe stations throughout the venue.
  • Guests will avoid congregating in tight spaces or with other people not in their party.
  • When you checkout at the café, don’t forget to ask your cashier for everything you need: to reduce touch points, condiments like ketchup, mustard, relish, buttery popcorn topping and salt are now available upon request vs. self-serve. Napkins and straws are available to grab and go.
  • In the theater, masks are still required, but may be removed while enjoying food and drinks. Protect yourself and others by wearing a mask before, during and after your movie.
  • Guests will be temperature and/or symptom screened upon arrival, asked to use hand sanitizer, and required to bring and wear a face covering when not eating or drinking. 
  • Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face. 
  • If you have symptoms such as fever or cough, or have come in contact with someone with symptoms, please take care and come back to see a movie with us when you are well.
  • 3Below Management has the right to cancel reservations for individuals/parties with symptomatic guests and refuse entry. 
  • Guests purchasing tickets understand that failure to comply with any of these guidelines may result in you and/or your party being asked to leave and that no refund will be provided.

Here is what you can expect of 3Below/Our Team:

  • Seating will be reconfigured, closed, or otherwise removed from use to ensure physical distancing of at least six feet between all guests. 
  • We will have dedicated staff to help people maintain distances before and after screenings. 
  • Seats will be properly cleaned between uses.
  • Throughout the day, common areas and high touch points will be routinely cleaned and sanitized. In the theaters, hard surfaces, including doors, handrails, and seats will be disinfected before each showtime.
  • Team 3Below members will have their temperatures read before starting their shifts. Anyone who has a fever or symptoms is required to self-quarantine until symptom free for at least 72 hours.
  • Team 3Below are required to routinely wash their hands every hour for at least 20 seconds.
  • We will display a set of clearly visible rules for guests and restaurant personnel at the restaurant entrances that are to be a condition of entry. The rules will include instructions to use hand sanitizer, maintain physical distance from other guests, avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces, contact information for the local health department, and changes to restaurant and theater services.

We know being in proximity to others right now is not going to be for everyone. If you are not ready - even while separated and masked - or do not feel you can comply with the above requirements we encourage you to stay home. We are doing everything we can do to be sure we will still be here and operational when the daily risk of the virus subsides and will welcome you back with open arms. 



Q: will everyone be made to wear a mask?

A: Yes. All patrons shall wear a nose and mouth covering throughout the duration of the event.

Q: Will your staff be masked?

A: Yes, Team 3B will wear masks at all times as well as gloves for food handling.

Q: How are you handling social distancing?

A: When you check our seating chart, you'll see every other row is offline to ensure distance can be achieved in front and behind you. To account for side to side distancing, our box office system has been reprogrammed to automatically mark adjacent seats as unavailable after seats have been sold so you will not be able to buy seats that are closer than 3 chairs to the next patrons.

We will also have markers in our cafe and leading to the restrooms to ensure distance is kept while in the queues.

Q: Do you offer contactless ticketing?

A: Yes. You can present your admission ticket on your phone or printed on paper and our team member can scan your ticket without touching it or you. We also use a scanner to validate your garage parking ticket.

Q: Are you collecting data for contact tracing?

A: Yes. In compliance with Santa Clara County’s requirements for public outdoor gatherings, we will be collecting the Name and Email for EVERY member of your party, not just the person who made the reservation. If we are notified someone from our event contracts Covid-19, this record will be used for contact tracing.

Q: will my chair be clean?

A: Yes. Before each performance the chair seats, chair backs, and cup holders will be cleaned and sanitized. 

Q: Will the restrooms be cleaned?

A: Yes, between each event the restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized but since the restroom is one of the "germiest" places to be, we recommend using the loo prior to leaving your home and/or once you return home. The flush handle, water faucet, and soap and towel dispensers are all contactless.


Thank You For Reading!

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