03/13/2018 - 03/13/2018

Broadway Karaoke: Hamilton


Here comes the general…admission tickets for our Hamilton Karaoke event! It’s all going down in the greatest city in the world (at least, in our opinion) and you’re invited to sing the songs of Hamilton or just hang out as members of the cabinet and take it all in.

How It Works

Arrive at 6:00pm to enjoy a few drinks with friends and have something to eat while we pipe in an awesome B’way playlist through the lobby sound system to get you in a New York state of mind. This is also when performers will head up to the Casting Table to add your name to the tricorn hat that corresponds to the song(s) you’d like to sing.

At 6:30pm our host will draw names at random to cast the roles for each of the songs in the night’s cast album. Then, those selected will take to the stage, mic in hand, to wow the crowd with impressive interpretations of everyone’s favorite new musical. Didn’t get picked? Just add your name to an upcoming song, and be sure to return for future Broadway Karaoke nights to vie for a chance to sing your favorite role and song.


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