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01/03/2020 - 02/29/2020


Rating: PG

Running length: 1 hour 50 minutes

Comedy, Drama, Family


Ah, CATS. The movie some people love and some people love to hate.

The moment the trailer launched, I’ll admit I tilted my head like a curious Jellicle wondering what I was watching. Was this high camp or was everyone involved taking it quite seriously? No matter your take, CATS will live forever because of the memes galore, the scathing reviews from movie critics and moviegoers alike, and even an unprecedented re-release of the film to correct some pretty shocking CGI blunders. Safe to say, not even the premiere of The Rocky Horror Picture Show enjoyed such an outpouring of sour milk.

So in the spirit of Rocky Horror, we dub thee…

“CATS…Now and Forever A Cult Classic!”
(even though you are still just a three month old kitten)

From now on, every Saturday night, we will celebrate you, CATS! You and your strange choices in song styling, your commitment to incongruous set design! We will bow to your casting director, that she was able to convince these artists to hand over their likeness to CGI tomfoolery! And will raise our paws in awe as the cockroaches with human faces take to the screen and haunt our dreams!

See “CATS…Now and Forever A Cult Classic” every Saturday night at 8:30pm at 3Below. Starting Valentine’s weekend, our love fest for this film will truly take shape:

  • On February 15 we will begin a new tradition of having guests perform dramatic readings of the reviews of the film before each screening. (Bring your own – good or bad! – or perform any of the ones we’ll have available.)
  • Jello-cle Treats for Jellicle Cats: come in cat costume or cat facepaint and we’ll give you a complimentary Jello cup!
  • And beyond that, we will see what the Heavyside Layer has in store! Complimentary kleenex so you can snot through “Memory” with Jennifer? Most definitely! Plastic cockroaches to toss at Rebel? Possible! Our team of dog people will be coming up with ideas to make “CATS…Now and Forever A Cult Classic” an interactive sing-along sensation to last well beyond nine lives.

NOTE: The antics commence next weekend so that gives you purrists – oh sorry, *purists* – who haven’t seen the movie yet one more week to do so free of cheers or jeers.

Come Rum Tum Tum Tugger with us!


About The Film

Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech, Les Misérables, The Danish Girl) transforms Andrew Lloyd Webber’s record-shattering stage musical into a breakthrough cinematic event. Cats stars James Corden, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson and introduces Royal Ballet principal dancer Francesca Hayward in her feature film debut. Featuring Lloyd Webber’s iconic music and a world-class cast of dancers under the guidance of Tony-winning choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler (Hamilton, In the Heights), the film reimagines the musical for a new generation with spectacular production design, state-of-the-art technology, and dance styles ranging from classical ballet to contemporary, hip-hop to jazz, street dance to tap.

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