Off-Broadway Series, Stage

09/19/2019 - 10/20/2019

New Musical To Be Announced

West Coast Premiere

Admission: $36 – $54


If you’re a regular patron of our productions you know we are always looking for the perfect scripts that tick all the boxes for quality. We want our audience to come to rely on the fact that we will always put story, score, and talent first when selecting projects. We also strive for titles that are unique; something you can’t get just anywhere. That narrows the list of titles considerably so when we see a show in New York that is so good and so perfect for our venue, we simply must take the risk and plan on it being in our series…even if it means we cannot yet announce its title.

What can we tell you about the third show in our series? It’s a Tony Award®-winning production with a delicious score perfectly crafted to give our performers meaty roles with delectable songs as well as allow our production designer to pull out all the stops. We’re so convinced Silicon Valley is ready for this unrivaled production that we’ve even built time into our calendar to extend the run beyond the initial five weeks knowing audiences will leave the theater bursting to tell their friends.

We can’t wait to share the secret. Until then…trust us.

“A witty, inventive enchantment from rousing start to mournful finish.” – The New York Times

“Rip-roaring storytelling every bit as vibrant as its madly infectious score.” – Hollywood Reporter

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