03/16/2018 - 12/31/2018

Independent, Classic, and Retro Movies



When renovations of Theater 1 are complete, 3Below will be home to two movie theaters. That means, all year long, week after week, you can look forward to a dizzying array of movie titles and a variety of programming appearing at 3Below.

Our movie schedule will be curated by Team 3Below in collaboration with Jack NyBlom of Camera Cinemas, all of whom are dedicated to hand selecting new independent films and documentaries offered in tandem with revival and retro favorites (including sing-along and quote-along event experiences.) As such, 3Below in downtown San Jose will remain the best place to find cinema gems, those classic and those destined to become so.

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Programming will begin in Theater 1 as soon as renovations are complete.

You can help! A Capital Campaign is underway to raise the necessary funds to complete the renovations.


Friday-Sunday: Independent/Art/Foreign Film

Carrying on the tradition of excellence set by Camera Cinemas, 3Below will continue to present the best in new and classic Art, Independent, and Foreign Films. Our curator attends festivals across the country and brings back the ones that have the “buzz” and are worthy of our audience. And be sure to check our listings as we near awards season: the best in shorts, foreign films, and documentaries will be presented as we ramp up to Oscar night.

1st & 3rd Tuesdays and Thursdays: Revival Film

Bring the entire family to enjoy classics and retro movies. Your favorite Adventure, RomCom, SciFi, Thriller/Horror, Movie Musicals, and Dramas will be presented year-round. Movie Marathons of The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, James Bond, or The Godfather Trilogy? You bet. A Humphrey Bogart double feature with The African Queen and The Maltese Falcon? Absolutely. All of this and more are coming soon.

2nd & 4th Tuesdays and Thursdays: Documentaries

It’s impossible not to be fascinated by the many extraordinary stories told through the lens of a documentarian. We’ll bring you classic and new screenings of Social Action, Performing Arts, Historical, Technology, Film, and Sports documentaries, all designed to promote discussion and the experience of seeing a film.

Saturday Mornings:

Come as you are and allow us to serve the Cocoa Puffs or Froot Loops as you hunker down with your family for your favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons featuring The Looney Tunes, Hannah Barbera, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Super Heroes and more.

Slapstick Sundays:

Slapstick Sundays will bring Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, the Three Stooges, Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, the Marx Brothers, Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin, Bob Hope & Bing Crosby and many more to the big screen for big laughs.


Those of a “certain age” will remember the “After School Specials” that aired on TV on Wednesday afternoons. Our version of the After School Special will include titles like The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, Less Than Zero, Weird Science, Mean Girls, Heathers and more.

Special Events:

Multiple times during the year we’ll team up with the San Jose Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Barbara Day Turner to create a wondrous afternoon of music and movies on the big screen. Enjoy a brief lecture/Q&A about a composer or musical genre combined with live musical demonstrations and performances followed by a screening of “Amadeus”, “Chariots of Fire” or other such musically rich films.

Twice per month, Wednesday and Friday: Sensory-Friendly Screenings of your favorite films.

3Below is happy to offer Sensory-Friendly Screenings of your favorite films. We’ll raise the lights a bit, lower the sound a bit, and make families feel at home.