Family, Guest Artist Series

12/08/2018 - 12/23/2018

Santastic! Santa’s Fantastic Musical Revue

Running length: 45 minute show + post-show Imagination Stations

Saturdays & Sundays at 11am & 1:30pm*

(no 1:30pm show on 12/16)


It’s holiday time so guess who’s coming to town not only for pictures, but to star in a fabulously festive musical of merriment? Well, “The Big S.C.”, of course, with his merry band of singing and dancing elves, who are all geared up to perform as the “opening act” to Santa’s big show. But, what happens when a very important “Santa-Gram” is delivered from the North Pole? The elves (Kringle, Jingle, Tingle, and Bob!) find themselves with an eager audience, a fully staged holiday musical – and no star!

Without a moment’s hesitation, these trusty elves put their pointy ears together and decide they just might be able to do the show themselves! With songs and dances of all of the best-loved Christmas favorites, they take the audience down memory lane, recapturing the most beloved scenes and melodies from holiday classics featuring all the season’s celebrities: Rudolph, Frosty, and that mean one, Mr. Grinch! This show isn’t just a fantastic way to kick off your holidays…it’s Santastic!


Things To Know

This event is part of our Holiday Inn Series, where you can enjoy a new holiday show each season, every year. First, guests enjoy a fast-paced, family friendly performance by a talented cast of triple threats (they sing! they dance! they act!) The fun continues after the performance when the actors and other enthusiastic helpers convene in the lobby to engage the audience in InterActivities themed for the show.

Which “Santastic!” Price Type is Right For You?

On the seating chart page, click on a seat to bring up the menu of price types. Choose your price type based on the following options, and repeat for each of the seats in your group:
  • Adult $20 = 1 ticket for a grown-up; great for companions who want to see the show with their children but don’t need all the extras; you can use this price type for youth if you don’t want to pay for the fun pack below
  • Youth $25 – 1 ticket for a youth to see the show + a fun pack of props and goodies like a toy musical instrument, an edible treat, stickers and other themed items
  • Adult $25 – 1 ticket for a grown-up + the fun pack; why should the kids have all the fun!
  • Limited Youth $35 = a limited ticket that includes all of the above + access to the Cookie Decorating and Card Making Imagination Stations
  • Unlimited Youth $40 = an unlimited ticket that includes all of the above + a meet-and-greet/photo session with Santa. Includes a printed keepsake photo, and yes! you can take photos with your own camera, too.
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Lily Guggenheim Kringle

Emma Miller Jingle

Emily Song Tingle

Ashley Wilson Bob

Kris Kringle Santa

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