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01/18/2018 - 02/04/2018

Sondheim On Sondheim

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Conceived and Originally Directed on Broadway by James Lapine
Running length: 120 minutes + 15 minute intermission

Produced, Directed and Choreographed by Scott and Shannon Guggenheim
Musical Directed by Stephen Guggenheim

$41 – $58


An Intimate Look at the Father of the Modern Musical

Hailed as “a funny, affectionate, and revealing tribute to musical theater’s greatest living composer and lyricist,”  Sondheim on Sondheim is not to be missed.

This retrospective of the life and work of America’s finest musical theater creator is an intimate portrait of the famed songwriter told through his own words via film, live performers, and his amazing music.

“When you sing Sondheim right, you have very little work to do as an actor. It’s like doing Shakespeare – say the words loudly and clearly and it will pull you through emotionally. Your job is to deliver the material and you’ll go on the ride as a result.”

– Lin-Manuel Miranda on Stephen Sondheim

The tapestry of creativity that characterizes Stephen Sondheim remained largely undiscussed, especially by the man himself, until the creation of Sondheim On Sondheim. Through the use of exclusive interview footage, audiences will get an inside look at the personal life and artistic process of the famed composer. Ranging from the beloved to the obscure, the carefully selected songs hang from a framework of in-depth video interviews, delving into Sondheim’s personal life and artistic process.

Things To Know

Sondheim on Sondheim is essentially a bio-musical, so it is very accessible. The show’s songs often focus on adult subjects (love, loss, sex, family, creativity, etc), but taken from their individual shows and placed center stage, the music can easily be enjoyed by younger viewers who typically wouldn’t be able to stomach, say, the intimacy issues in Company, and the language remains—except for a few f-bombs, including a memorable one attributed to Ethel Merman. Sondheim on Sondheim is an excellent primer-course for ‘tween musical theater fans, and a graduate-level treat for students who’ve been studying him for decades.


Jim Ambler*

Amy Bouchard

Stephen Guggenheim*

Susan Gundunas*

Hayley Lovgren

Jeremy Kreamer*

Martin Rojas Dietrich*

Theresa Swain

* Member of Actors' Equity Association