08/01/2018 - 08/19/2018

Sorry To Bother You

Rating: R

Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi



An absurdist comedy with touches of magical realism and science fiction, Sorry To Bother You follows a young black telemarketer named Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield) who is struggling with his personal ethics as he learns that betraying his friends and adopting a “white voice” (provided by the ever-lurking comedy weirdo David Cross) will help him win out in a near-future bizarro capitalist dystopia.

Boots Riley’s directorial and screenwriting debut Sorry to Bother You is the low-budget breakaway of the summer.

Picked up by prestige hitmaker Annapurna at Sundance in January 2018, Sorry to Bother You is a critical success that hit theaters at the right time as movie audiences are still riding the high of Jordan Peele’s racially frank horror satire Get Out, and indie studios are enjoying a windfall of Academy recognition and financial success.

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