Classic Film

02/21/2018 - 02/21/2018

The Lady Killers

Photographed, Edited, Written & Directed by Phil Leirness
Not Rated (no one under 17 should attend)
Running length: 1 hour 49 minutes
Includes Post-show Q&A with Creators
$15 Reserved Seating


A dark comedy about a high-stakes game of romantic conquest gone wrong, The Lady Killers explores the ways exploitation leads to violence. Seven men, several crimes, violence, murder, mystery, misogyny. It is just a game. It is just a movie. It is just “locker room talk.”
Fresh off a “Best Comedy Feature Film Award” at the Tri-Cities Film Festival, The Lady Killers makes its Northern California premiere at 3Below. Says filmmaker Phil Leirness, “It’s clear to me that our culture has come around and is ready to discuss misogyny and exploitation, areas The Lady Killers explores.” As a recent review in The Movie Sleuth stated, this movie is “exactly the kind of film we need right now.”
“The film points the camera back at Hollywood’s easy exploitation of women and, I’d dare say, the ways in 
which we as audience members easily surrender to being entertained by the exploitation of others.” 
– Richard Propes, The Independent Critic
“The combination of humor, good performances, despicable behavior and unexpected plot turns makes this twisted dark comedy with a punch both unique and satisfying. It will be fodder for great conversations and no doubt will garner cult film status and endless midnight showings. Upon repeated viewings much that is overlooked the first time will become apparent, as the film reveals itself to be even more clever and even more resonant in its handling of the archetypal masculine and feminine. Is the movie unsettling? Extremely. As Emerson wrote, however, only as far as people are unsettled is there any hope for them!” – Leigh J McCloskey, Olandar Foundation for Emerging Renaissance
“The Lady Killers could not be more culturally relevant … it’s exactly the kind of film we need right now.” – Matt Giles, Spoiler Free Movie Sleuth
This special film event will include a meet and greet with the filmmaker and some of the cast as well as a post-show Q&A.


Jamie Kaler
Peter Shinkoda
Burt Bulos
Dean Haglund
Phil Leirness
and Arye Gross
introducing Shaun Parker
Whitney Anderson
Catherine Annette
Alexandra Barreto
Isabel Cueva
Christina Grance
Lily Holleman
Heidi Marie Wanser
with David Dean Bottrell
Stephanie Erb
and Tucker Smallwood

Creative Team:

Executive Produced by
Dean Haglund
Aris Tagle
Sean Townley
Co-Produced by
Lily Holleman
Phil Leirness
Produced by
Burt Bulos
Photographed, Edited, Written & Directed by
Phil Leirness

About The Filmmaker

The Lady Killers is the seventh feature film directed by Phil Leirness. In addition to working on every kind of project imaginable, from short subjects to feature films, from television and commercials to documentary, music video and industrial films,  Phil has also served as both a production and development executive and as an international sales and distribution executive. For the past ten years he has co-hosted the popular Chillpak Hollywood Hour with his producing partner Dean Haglund of “The X-Files”. The two have been dubbed “podcast royalty” by Marc Hershon of The Huffington Post and Splitsider. Phil also serves as a weekly cultural correspondent for The Midweek Drive on Siren FM in the UK. A graduate of the UCLA film school, a teacher of both acting and filmmaking, a California state certified Violence Prevention Specialist and a trustee of the Los Angeles Breakfast Club charitable foundation, Phil grew up in Cupertino and is thrilled to be coming back to the Bay Area with his new film. Currently, he is in post-production on a sequel to his feature documentary The Truth Is Out There.

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