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01/17/2020 - 01/19/2020

The Princess Bride Quote-Along

Original release: October 9, 1987

Rating: PG

Running Time: 98 minutes + 20 minute preshow


Box office fees paid by the presenters! Ticket includes fun pack of props, in-movie fun, pre-show with prizes, and free parking with validation.



The Princess Bride is back and better than ever! This fan favorite movie is one of our annual events so we’re happy to announce Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik are back again to save the fair Princess Bride. But Beware: it’s a kissing movie! And there will be life-size ROUS at all screenings along with other delightful in-­movie antics.


Things To Know

Your journey to the Pit of Despair and the Cliffs of Insanity begins when you break out your swords and get ready to do battle in the name of “twue wuv.” Our host will explain all the props in your fun pack and help you partake in the Battle Of Wits with Visini, search for the six-­fingered man, and battle rodents of unusual size. Can you have a better time in a movie theatre with 200 other super fans? Inconceivable!

Costumes Required! Okay, not required but strongly encouraged! Keep it simple with pirate capes and masks or go all out and make the entire bridal party. Or get creative and do something completely original: Miracle Max and Valerie costumes, perhaps? How about the Albino or Grandpa? Sky’s the limit with these classic characters.


Get Ready for a Memorable, Interactive Experience!

Your Reservation Includes:

Reserved Seating (choose your own preferred seats); a fun pack of props themed to go along with the movie; a 15-20 minute interactive pre-film experience that includes costume, trivia, and/or themed contests; on-screen lyrics (for certain sing-alongs)

Age Recommendation:

Generally, the minimum age requirement is 5 and up but please see the info found at the “more info” button on our home page for specific information about each event; the MPAA rating can also be found by going “back” one screen.

Event Highlights:

Our interactive experiences begin with a pre-show led by our quirky and witty emcee who welcomes our enthusiastic audiences and introduces the interactive elements of each Sing-Along, Quote-Along or Special Event Experience. A Fun Pack is included as part of admission to enhance the participation experience. And, additional in-movie antics with even more giveaways and props are frequently part of the fun.


The pre-show starts at the published event time; no need to arrive any earlier than you normally would to get great food and drinks from our café, use the restrooms, and find your seats – and since seats are reserved in advance, you’ll save even more time. During the pre-show, our host will explain all the fun planned for the event including the fun pack included with your admission price, the on-screen lyrics, and other in-movie antics you can look forward to.


Costumed Dress:

Dressing up in a costume from the movie, or that ties in creatively, is always encouraged! We may even bring you up to showcase your costume as part of the pre-show festivities…and sometimes we even have costume contests for terrific prizes.



Box office service fees are included. This covers percentages per ticket assessed by the credit card processing company and the services associated with online, phone, and in-person ticketing.


Exchanging Tickets:

Choose your showtime carefully; only 3Below Season Ticket holders enjoy complimentary exchange privileges.



Tickets are non-refundable unless a performance is canceled.

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