Pix & Pints Café | 3Below Gelato

The 3Below lobby is home to Pix & Pints Cafe and 3Below Gelato! With our renovation complete, you can come for lunch or to enjoy dinner before (and during) all 3Below events. 

Check out our menu and be sure to try our signature item, The Waffelato!


Please note: menu is subject to change due to seasonal availability

Hot Bites

All-Beef Kosher Hot Dog | Choose from 4 styles:

Classic Dog (ketchup, mustard, relish) | $6.50

Teriyaki Dog (teriyaki sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger | $6.50

Mango Chutney Dog | $6.50

Plain (just the dog and the bun) | $6.00

NEW! Beyond Meat Hot Dog | Enjoy any of the above 4 styles with a plant-based meat "brat" stuffed with flavor and prepared with satisfying sizzle!


Chicken Taquitos (5pc. with guacamole) | $6.50

Toasted Ravioli (5pc. with guacamole) | $6.50

Samosas (4pc. with mango chutney) | $6.50

Dumplings (6pc. with ponzu sauce) | $6.50

Spring Rolls (4pc. with sweet and sour sauce) | $6.50

4-Cheese Flatbread (ciabatta roll with marinara) | $6.50

Roasted Veggie Flatbread (on cauliflower crust | Gluten Free) | $6.00


Liege Waffles! (Hot, golden, fresh with clusters of caramelized, pearl sugar swirled through the batter) | 1 for $3.00, 2 for $5.00

Cool Sweets

The Waffelato (delicious gelato served on a hot liege waffle with chocolate dome top, sprinkles, and wafer cookie) | $8.00

Premium Italian Gelato (seasonal flavors) | 4oz for $4.50, 6oz for $6.00

Premium Italian Sorbetto (seasonal flavors) | 4oz for $4.50, 6oz for $6.00

More Treats

Hot Buttered Popcorn (vegan and gluten free!) | small $3, large $5.00

Chocolate Brownie (locally sourced) | $3.00

Krispie Rice Treat (locally sourced) | $3.00

Chocolate Chip Cookie (locally sourced) | $3.00

Salted Caramel Cookie (locally sourced) | $3.00

Cold Drinks

Pepsi Products* | 20oz $4.00

Pepsi | Diet Pepsi | Dr. Pepper | Diet Dr. Pepper | Ginger Ale Root Beer | Orange Crush | Sierra Mist | Lemonade | Iced Tea | Arnold Palmer

All fountain sodas are available in a Reusable 3Below 20 oz. Tumbler for $15 + Free Refills*

Italian Soda | 20oz $4.00

Choice of Nimble Nectar Flavor and Sierra Mist or Sparkling Water

Juice | 12oz $4.00

Apple | Orange | Cranberry

Wine - Served in a Reusable, Close-Top Souvenir Cup  | $13.00 (includes $9.00 refills with cup)*

Jam Cellars: Jam (Red), Butter (White), Toast (Sparkling)

Specialty Wines | $15.00 (includes $11.00 refills with cup)*

Royale | Mimosa | Cosmo-naut

Beer & Hard Cider | $6.00

Stella Artois | Hoegaarden | Strongbow

Umunhum Local Craft Beer PHP | 16oz $8.00

Bottled Water | 20oz $4.00

*Note: Due to Covid-19 guidelines, at this time no refills are permitted. Once the pandemic is lifted, be sure to bring back your reusable cups for discount refills.

Gourmet Coffee & Tea

Espresso | Single $2.50, Double $4.00

Cappuccino | $4.00

Mocha | $4.00

Hot Chocolate | $4.00

Black Coffee | $2.50

Black & Herbal Teas | $2.50

Pre-Order Your Dinner for Up On The Roof!

Complete this form to alert our cafe team of your pre-order for Up On The Roof. Please note: not all of the items listed in our full menu will be available up on the roof. Items listed below in this form, will be available for your enjoyment at the event.


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