Memory Project

Who Are The People in YOUR Picture?

In the video above you can hear all about the people in Iris Rainer Dart's picture, the family that inspired her musical The People in the Picture. In mere minutes, we get a glimpse into her past and her future - how these people, the aunts and uncles and grandparents, shaped who she is today.

No doubt you have a photograph on your mantle or in a scrapbook that has great meaning for you and gives a glimpse into your family's rich history. Tell us about the people in your picture and if chosen, your story will be featured in our pre-show entertainment at performances of The People in the Picture playing April 12 through May 13. You'll also be entered to win an Family Heirloom Design kit to majestically display your cherished heirloom photos.

How to Participate:


  • Using Ms. Rainer Dart's video as an example, create a simple video (a smartphone will do JUST FINE!) Two minutes or less, please.
  • Hold your photograph at chest height so we can see it
  • Tell us about the people in your picture - not just their names or relationship, but what them memorable or a story or anecdote that brings you joy when you think about it.
  • Be sure to introduce yourself - you could say "My name is ____ and I'm from (city or state) and these are the people in my picture."


  • If you don't have access to an easy way to capture a video, you can submit a written explanation along with a copy of your picture.
  • Anywhere from 100 to 300 words is just fine.
  • Be sure to include your name, phone number, and email address on both your written submission and the copy of the photo.

Winner Selection:

The producers of this Memory Project will select up to 20 participants who will be featured in a compilation video to be shown before each of the live performances of The People in the Picture. If you are selected, you will be contacted and asked to come in for a short film shoot to professionally record your story. At that time, we'll ask you to bring your picture so we can take professional video of it to be edited into the film. You will not need to leave it behind.

From the 20 submissions that make the cut for the pre-show film, three favorites will be selected to win a Family Heirloom Project kit:

Designed by jeani of Paper Arts & More, your prize package includes all you need to create a family heirloom with your most cherished photos. The kit includes archival quality papers, embellishments, and adhesive along with a step-by-step guide for assembly. Your treasures will be artfully displayed inside a shadow box which opens in front for easy access to the contents.

Winners' kits will be available for pick up at 3Below Theaters.


  • All video and written submissions will be used as part of the promotions of 3Below's production of The People in the Picture. If you submit for this promotion, you do so knowing your video, your written narrative, and/or your photo may be shared on social media as well as during the pre-show film compilation at the theater.
  • You own your story and picture. 3Below and its agents will make no claim to your likeness and will not sell your story or images to a third party. Your story and image will only be used as part of this particular project to promote The People in the Picture and excite the community about sharing our memories and learning about one another in an effort to be more compassionate.
  • Please do not send in original copies of your pictures! Copies are just fine.
  • There is no purchase required to participate.
  • There is no financial compensation for submitting your video or written narrative.
  • Prior to entering, please contact 3Below if you have any questions or concerns.

Register for the project

  • Drop files here or
  • Please share only YouTube or Vimeo video links. Alternatively, you can invite us to see in dropbox.

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