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Movies Are Back at 3Below!

Whether it's a hot new title out of Sundance or the mesmerizing live action, documentary, and animated shorts up for Academy Awards, 3Below curates a schedule of impressive and memorable cinema experiences for our community. Films are presented in our flagship auditorium, Theatre 3, as well as Theater 2 where you'll find a new and unique theatre-going experience. And don't forget to join us for 3Below's Academy Awards Oscar Party ~ San Jose’s most-exclusive and hottest ticket.

Movies In The Time of Coronvirus

We are pleased to offer two ways to experience 3Below this spring as we have entered the Red Tier and head toward Orange: see a film with other fans whilst distanced a minimum of 6' from each other OR rent the theater for your own private party. Either way, you can look forward to our following Santa Clara County's health and safety measures. Before you reserve, please read our:

Seating Configurations

Movies are currently playing in two of our theaters. We are following the county's guidelines for safety and have adjusted our seating configuration accordingly:

Theater 3

In Theater 3, we typically have 221 seats available. To ensure our guests are a minimum of 6' apart from others and that our maximum capacity doesn't exceed county restrictions, we've closed off every other row, creating distance "front to back." To create distance "side to side", our box office system has a snazzy upgrade: when a patron reserves a seat, the system automatically "locks out" the 3 seats on either side of the tickets purchased. The image below shows gray rows indicating those that have been closed off; it's impossible to reserve those rows when purchasing online. The sample also shows how a patron bought two seats in the center of Row H and the system "locked out" three seats on either side (appearing as blank, white spaces) making it impossible to buy tickets right next to someone else.

Regular Seating Configuration
Showing "Locked Out" Seats


Theater 2

In Theater 2, we typically have 87 seats available. To ensure our guests are a minimum of 6' apart from others and that our maximum capacity doesn't exceed county restrictions, we've completely removed the majority of the seats and created groups of 2, 3, and 4 seats accommodating distance "front to back" as well as "side to side." Because this unique seating configuration is temporary, we did not build a new online seat map so you are not able to select your seats in Theater 2 when reserving in advance, and instead will reserve "general admission" tickets. Then, our box office clerk assigns parties to the best available seats as soon as orders come in. You can always contact us to request desired seats.

Seating Configuration (facing seats)
Seating Configuration (facing screen)

Oscar FilmFest 2021

If you've been sheltering in place for the better part of a year, chances are you've had a LOT of screen time. But very few of those movies you binged were designed to be enjoyed on a small screen. And if those films are nominated for Academy Awards, you can bet Ma Rainey's bottom dollar that the filmmakers want you to experience their films on the big screen with amazing surround sound. With that excitement in mind, we've booked the films that received Oscar nominations for Best Picture, Best Documentary, Best International Feature, Best Shorts, and much more. 

  • Schedule

    Our Oscar FilmFest 2021 runs April 2nd through 25th.

    Generally films are presented Tuesday through Friday 3:30pm-10:00pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00pm to 10:30pm.

    Throughout the festival, you'll find multiple screenings of 2021 Oscar Nominated films including the Best Short Films (animation, live action, and documentary.)

    Seating begins 15 minutes prior to each film.

    Early arrival is encouraged to allow for time to use the restroom and enjoy any of the delicious options available at our cafe...all of which are welcome inside the theaters.

  • Prices

    All tickets to all new films:

    • $15

    Welcome Back to 3Below Savings:

    • $12 for matinees (movies shown before 5pm)


    Ordering early is encouraged and we offer Early Order Discounts. We also have a Rewards Program for frequent movie-going: See 10 films and the 11th movie is on us - free!

  • Discounts

    Early Order Discounts:

    • 15% off when purchasing prior to 10 days prior to the event
    • 10% off when purchased prior to 5 days prior to the event
    • 5% off when purchased prior to 1 day prior to the event
    • No need to enter a code! Discounts are applied automatically at checkout.

    At-the-door Discount:

    • $15 Adults
    • $13.50 Students/Seniors/Military/Educator
    • $12.50 Youth
  • Rewards Program

    Buy 10 tickets and the 11th ticket is free. You’ll be prompted to join the 3Below Rewards program after you make your purchase. Each time you’ve accrued enough points, you’ll be given the option to claim your free ticket at checkout.

  • Private Parties

    A private party at 3Below is an exclusive engagement where you get to enjoy the venue with a few of your closest friends. To get the process, contact us and let us know when you're interested in having your private party. We'll reply with pricing and more details.

F E A T U R E   F I L M   N O M I N E E S


M O R E   N O M I N A T E D   F E A T U R E S


D O C U M E N T A R Y   F I L M   N O M I N E E S


A N I M A T E D  S H O R T S   N O M I N E E S


L I V E  A C T I O N   S H O R T S  N O M I N E E S


D O C U M E N T A R Y  S H O R T S   N O M I N E E S

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