Our talented and experienced staff works 24/7 to customize events just for you and your family and friends.


We write musicals. We produce musicals. We go to see musicals. We LOVE musicals! Musical theatre: it’s what we do. And, it’s that love for something that makes you laugh, cry, smirk and gasp all in one show that drives all we do. We know we're not doing brain surgery, but we also know how powerful a theatrical experience can be. By integrating quality, education, and humor into all of our events and performances, we stand poised to inspire excellence in programming for youth, families, and adults, showing people the best in themselves.

As the audience grows at 3Below you can look forward to not only Professional Musical Theatre productions performed by adults but additional productions featuring community members, seniors, teens, and youth.


It is amazing how powerful a trip to the movie theatre can be. As our culture moves toward one that is complacent enjoying our art in an isolated manner (on our phones, our laptops, our televisions), we will continue to be a place where art is experienced together as a community. People are meant to be engaged and entertained by their art. Together we are meant to discuss the ideas and messages presented by the artist.

So that's what we do here with our movie events. We encourage discussion. We engage you and your family and friends by starting the conversation here at the theatre and inspire and encourage you to continue the discussion at home, at work, and in the classroom. We offer you art and artists that are bigger than life, that add depth to our lives.

By hand selecting new independent films offered in tandem with revival and retro favorites (including sing-along and quote-along event experiences), 3Below in downtown San Jose will remain the best place to find cinema gems, those classic and those destined to become so. 

Theatre In Education

Guggenheim Entertainment employs professional theatre artists/educators who have extensive theatre backgrounds and experience working with youth (as well as adults and seniors). Students will have the opportunity to work with seasoned theatre professionals who are committed to providing a safe, risk-free environment in which they can learn and grow.

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