Team 3B

Get to know the talented and dedicated team who work each day at 3Below…

  • Scott Guggenheim
  • Shannon Guggenheim
  • Stephen Guggenheim
  • Julie Engelbrecht
  • Tom Tomasello
  • Noah Lerner
  • Jack NyBlom
  • Scott Guggenheim

    Scott Guggenheim

    Producing Artistic Director, Executive Director, Producer, Stage Director

    Favorite Musical Theatre Experience:
    Seeing Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin in Evita on Broadway with my dad

    Most Memorable Movie Experience:
    Raiders of the Lost Ark (when Shannon “mawwied” Jeff and Mary in front of 1,000 guests at our final performance at Century 21)

    Game He Always Wins:
    Dominos (just ask Lily)

    Favorite Movie Actors:
    Jerry Lewis, Danny Kaye, and Tom Hanks

    When They Produce My Biopic, The Actor Who Should Play Me Is:
    Oliver Yellin as a kid, Noah Lerner as a teen, Jeremy Kreamer as a young adult, and Scott Bakula at all other ages

    Favorite Star Trek:
    Enterprise and Voyager but I have to admit I love the new JJ Abrams titles

    Favorite TV Show:
    Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, and M*A*S*H (can’t decide)

    Favorite Game Show:
    Match Game

  • Shannon Guggenheim

    Shannon Guggenheim

    Producing Artistic Director, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Producer, Performer/Host, Graphic Designer

    Favorite Musical Theatre Experience:
    Watching: Hamilton (twice); Being In: Peter Pan (flying as Wendy was the best)

    Most Memorable Movie Experience:
    Jurassic Park (because, you know: velociraptors)

    Game She Always Wins:
    Boggle (challenge her at an upcoming Family Game Night)

    Favorite Movie Actors:
    Fred Astaire, Lady, Tramp

    Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling:
    Reynolds, because: Deadpool.

    In Her Next Life, She’d Come Back As:
    Samantha Stephens

    Favorite Movie One-Liner:
    “Get away from her, you [bleep]” from Aliens, and its variation in Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Pt 2

    Favorite Game Show:
    Game of Thrones

  • Stephen Guggenheim

    Stephen Guggenheim

    Producing Artistic Director, Resident Musical Director, Producer, Performer

    Favorite Musical Theatre Experience:
    Seeing Richard Burton in Camelot. Life changing. Made me want to be an actor.

    Most Memorable Movie Experience:
    For my 10th Birthday, my parents took me and a friend to dinner and a movie: The Poseidon Adventure.  I then had tidal wave nightmares for years.  

    Favorite Movie Actors:
    Richard Burton, Harrison Ford, Chris Pratt, Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench
    Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling:
    Ryan O’Neal. What’s Up Doc!!!

    Pacino or Puccini:
    Puccini, of course!!

    Favorite Ben:

    Favorite Julia:
    Favorite Movie One-Liner:
    “I don’t think that means what you think it means” from The Princess Bride

  • Julie Engelbrecht

    Julie Engelbrecht

    Director of Production, Scenic and Costume Designer, Educator

  • Tom Tomasello

    Tom Tomasello

    Resident Music & Sound Designer

  • Noah Lerner

    Noah Lerner

    Assistant Production Manager

    In My Opinion, The Catchiest Musical:
    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: The Musical

    Favorite Role:
    Prince Dauntless in Once Upon A Mattress

    Favorite Roll:
    Pillsbury Crescent

    Boxers or Briefs:
    Boxer-briefs! Why choose?

  • Jack NyBlom

    Jack NyBlom

    Camera 3 Entertainment

    Favorite Movie:
    Jack believes people should not ask that question; it should be, “what is your favorite movie for each specific genre” since it’s nearly impossible to pick a single favorite. But if he had to choose, it’s a wonderful French film from the 1940s, Marcel Carne’s “Children of Paradise.”

    Favorite Director:
    Francois Truffaut

    Favorite pastime as a child:
    Being dropped off by his parents to see Saturday matinees, and later directing and acting out favorite movies with his siblings.

    Buttered Popcorn or Plain:
    Buttered if you are going to skip lunch or dinner, plain otherwise. But it has to be delicious plain.

    Movie line he often quotes these days:
    From Godfather 3: “They keep PULLING me back in!” As a kid it was from The Magnificent 7, which he would watch repeatedly on TV: “I deal in lead, friend.”

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