Thanks for your interest in Up On The Roof! This program is now complete as of November 1, 2020 due to impending rainy weather. We are in the process of developing more programming to put a smile on your face during these unprecedented times so be sure you are on email list to get the 411. You'll find a link to join our list at the bottom of this page.

3Below Invites You Up On The Roof!

Presented by First Tech Federal Credit Union
Produced by Guggenheim Entertainment and the San Jose Downtown Association
When we shut down in March 2020, no one could have imagined we'd still be reeling from the impact of the pandemic so many months later. As each month passed, and we kept pushing our events further and further into the future, it became clear nothing was going to return to normal anytime soon. As much as we want to do what we do and not reinvent ourselves, we know we have to adapt. And if we can do so in a safe way, for our team members and our patrons, we know we have to try. So, it's time for things to start looking UP!

Up On The Roof: Dinner & Movies For (A) Change

Wouldn't it be nice to see a movie on a big screen for a change? Or eat dinner and treats prepared by someone else for a change? Or share an experience with people other than those in your own household for a change? You can join us up on the roof to do all of that AND see Movies For Change!

Presented by First Tech Federal Credit Union, this partnership with the San Jose Downtown Association and Guggenheim Entertainment will bring dining and film to the top floor of the 2nd & San Carlos Street Garage for much-needed activity during the pandemic while at the same time shining a spotlight on social justice. 

  • What

    Up On The Roof: Dinner & Movies For (A) Change offers:
    • Dinner prepared by someone else! Our cafe is all clean and sparkly with our team up to date on all the procedures to keep you safe while preparing hot food, cool treats, and movie theater sweets. (And of course, popcorn! Mmmmm...popcorn.)
    • While you dine, we'll play new and must-see films, some just for fun and all with a focus on social justice.
    • At certain events, you'll also be treated to pre-event speakers featuring voices and topics we need to amplify
  • Where

    Obviously we can't welcome you back inside 3Below just yet but thanks to the terrific teams at the San Jose Downtown Association, the Department of Transportation, the City of San Jose, and Team 3B we will be able to use the top level of the 2nd & San Carlos Street Garage for an outdoor dinner with movies.
  • When

    Join us Tuesdays through Sundays in the evenings under the stars October 8 through November 1, 2020.

  • How

    We have had many meetings with health officials and local leaders while keeping our finger on the pulse of what's happening around the globe to make sure we create an environment that sets our audience and performers up for success:
    • We will be following all existing county and city guidelines and will require our patrons do the same
    • We are creating "bubbles" a minimum of 6 feet away in every direction from the other bubbles
    • Total attendance size is limited to the current county guideline (presently 60 people so don't delay in reserving your bubble)

NEW! Dinner & MUSIC For (A) Change!

In compliance with all health and safety guidelines, we are thrilled to add three events to our schedule featuring LIVE singers performing a wealth of exquisite music accompanied by LIVE piano. As the saying goes, "what the world needs now is love, sweet love" and these singers will fill your hearts with joy and song.

A Roof With A View

Check out what we've created up on the roof! You'll find 2-, 3-, and 4-person "bubbles" of seating with comfy chairs, cup holders, and a table for your hot bites, cool treats, and movie theater sweets - $10 food and drink vouchers included in the ticket price!


Want to see some video of what's happening up on the roof? Check out this fantastic coverage from our local news!

Playing It Safe

As eager as we are to reconnect, we must do so safely and we must depend on our audience to share in this responsibility. To understand our expectations on how we will work together to keep our audience and staff safe, please read our Covid-19 Patron Guidelines and Ticket/Seating info...

"Moonlight", A24

Curated with Purpose

When we first set out to produce anything under the header of "entertainment" during the pandemic, we figured all anyone would want is fluff; something to take our minds off all the negative stuff. But, as the months went by and the daily news shined a light on the ongoing social injustices that too many in our community face, we wanted to produce programming that makes a difference. And then we realized, we can and need to do both. Read more about why we chose these films...

"Coco", Walt Disney Pictures

A Labor of Love

Obtaining professional equipment to safely and securely set up a portable theater outdoors, staffing the customer service areas with extra people to satisfy COVID-19 gathering requirements, and paying individual licenses for over 40 films - all of this comes with a price tag, one which will not in any way be covered by ticket sales from these events with a maximum of 60 patrons. Thanks to our sponsors and patrons like you we can embark on this labor of love to bring the gift of charge to our community.

Please take a moment to get to know the partners who have committed their resources to help make these events possible:

If you are able to contribute more than the ticket price, you’ll find a place to do so on the checkout page. Any amount will help. Thank you!

Here's What's Playing Up On The Roof!

So much great entertainment coming your way! Click here to VIEW TRAILERS for the remaining films in the series. Click "get tickets" below to head to the order page.

Perfect Pairings

Like popcorn and fine wine, these films pair perfectly. Joking aside, these 12 films are must-sees and by pairing the feature film with the award-winning documentary of its subject, you're in for an evening of pure edutainment.


Black Lives Matter Series

Race is one of the most difficult subjects to talk about as a society or culture. Watching a movie can take away the confrontational aspect of race relations that might scare people off which is why everyone should join us for these movies. No one movie is going to teach you everything you need to know about race. The topic is vast and riddled with complexities. However, watching these films provides a great, diverse starting point from which to begin the work. And that's how movies can change perspectives on race: by giving us a place to start.


A Salute to Asian Pacific American FilmMakers

Celebrate Asian Pacific American Filmmakers with a special collection of stories that explore the history, traditions and culture of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States.


Celebrating Latinx Voices

A celebration of Latinx people and their history presented through cinema. These films are essential viewing for anyone looking to expand their understanding of the contemporary Latinx experience in the United States. Join us as we highlight stories that paint real pictures of the systemic racism faced in the United States and the tremendous accomplishments Latinx people have made to advance social justice in spite of these challenges.



The Power of Women

As women continue to strive for equality across all forms of industry (see: Wage Gap, Pink Tax), these films capture powerful women making their mark - not just the characters portrayed, but the pioneering actresses and directors at the helm.


Amplifying LGBTQ+ Voices

As our streets continue to flood with protests in response to the killing of George Floyd and ongoing police brutality against Black individuals, people across the nation are asking if change will ever come. The fact that we can celebrate the LGBTQ+ community — despite the first Pride being a riot, not a parade or celebration — is a beacon of hope that change is possible with persistence and protest. While Pride events may be canceled this year because of COVID-19, these films allow us to celebrate the LGBTQ+ social movement contributions from Up on the Roof.


Documentaries For Change

While some of these titles are favorites worthy of a second viewing, don't miss these new documentaries: "Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President", "My Name is Pedro", "Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins", and "The Great American Lie."


Must See Movies

Presented in partnership with the San Jose Downtown Association for their annual Starlight Cinema, as promised here are some movies just for fun. (Although if you look close enough, you'll find these flicks having plenty to teach in addition to being great family movies.)

Please read our Covid-19 Patron Guidelines prior to finalizing your order. Patrons will be required to acknowledge they've read and understand the guidelines in order to attend.

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