You're Almost Ready to Go Up On The Roof

Please read the following Covid-19 Guidelines and Ticket Information before you reserve your tickets.


Playing It Safe

Thanks to the open space on the top of the garage we can spread out thus minimizing close contact while still creating a sense of community BUT we are entrusting our audience with shared responsibility to wear their masks, wash their hands, and avoid contact with anyone outside of their seating bubble so we can make this experience safe and enjoyable for everyone.

In buying a ticket to an Up On The Roof event, all patrons commit to the following:

  • You will wear a nose and mouth covering for the duration of the event unless consuming food while at a minimum distance of six feet away from anyone not in your bubble.
  • Upon arrival, you will wash your hands and/or use the provided hand sanitizer.
  • You will stay in your bubble and not congregate with others in other bubbles, near the stage, or near any booth.
  • You understand that failure to comply with any of these guidelines may result in you and/or your party being asked to leave and that no refund will be provided.

We know being in proximity to others right now is not going to be for everyone. If you are not ready - even while separated and masked - or do not feel you can comply with the above requirements we encourage you to stay home. We are doing everything we can do to be sure we will still be here and operational when the daily risk of the virus subsides and will welcome you back with open arms. 


FAQs Relating to Pandemic Safety Up On The Roof

Q: will everyone be made to wear a mask?

A: Yes. All patrons shall wear a nose and mouth covering throughout the duration of the event

Q: Will your staff be masked?

A: Yes, Team 3B will wear masks at all times as well as gloves for food handling.

Q: How are you handling social distancing?

A: The seating will be predetermined by the number of people in your "bubble." Instead of ordering individual tickets, you'll reserve a bubble with 2, 3, or 4 seats depending on how many people are in your household. We will set up chairs for your party and leave a minimum distance of six feet around your bubble in all directions.

We will also have markers in our cafe and leading to the restrooms to ensure distance is kept while in the queues and, once up on the roof, instead of having guests line up for food service, our team will bring food and beverages to your bubble.

Q: How are you keeping your performers safe?

A: We are only booking solo acts or small groups that can fit on the stage while maintaining a distance of six feet or who are already in each others' epidemiological bubble (e.g. they live together.)

Q: Do you offer contactless ticketing?

A: Yes. You can present your admission ticket on your phone or printed on paper and our team member can scan your ticket without touching it or you. We also use a scanner to validate your garage parking ticket.

Q: Are you collecting data for contact tracing?

A: Yes. In compliance with Santa Clara County’s requirements for public outdoor gatherings, we will be collecting the Name and Email for EVERY member of your party, not just the person who made the reservation. If we are notified someone from our event contracts Covid-19, this record will be used for contact tracing.

Q: will my chair be clean?

A: Yes. Before each performance the chair seats, chair backs, and cup holders will be cleaned and sanitized. 

Q: Will the restrooms be cleaned?

A: Yes, between each event the restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized but since the restroom is one of the "germiest" places to be, we recommend using the loo prior to leaving your home and/or once you return home. The flush handle, water faucet, and soap and towel dispensers are all contactless.


FAQs Relating to Tickets, Seating, and Food Up On The Roof

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Rain and air quality due to nearby wildfires are certainly concerns we took into account when hosting outdoor events. We took the risk of producing an outdoor series during this time of year knowing we may be in a position of having to cancel and are hoping we have many more "go" days than "rain" days.  If we near an event date and it looks like rain will be too strong to safely produce up on the roof, we will publish updates on our website and social media and notify advance ticket buyers via email and/or phone. Refunds will be processed if we cancel an event.

Q: Is there a way to attend without being charged for a dinner voucher?

A: Not at this time. These events are “Dinner and a Movie.” If local or state pandemic guidelines change in the future, we will adapt our offering accordingly.

Q: I had tickets to 3Below events postponed in 2020 and received a gift card. Can I use it for the Up on the roof events?

A: Sorry, no. Your gift card is good for 3Below tickets. The Up On The Roof events are for a tickets AND food. We would not be able to allocate the gift card toward the ticket portion since our ticketing and food systems are not connected, and we cannot afford to give away free food for these events. Please know, it was certainly our intention to allow use of gift cards for this series but based on the Covid-19 gathering requirements we had to design our seating with a food component combined. If the guidelines change and we can operate future Up On The Roof events without combining seating and food, we will certainly do so to make way for use of your gift card.

Q: What if I have more than 4 people in my party?

A: Simply reserve enough bubbles to accommodate your group. If you are family of 6, you can reserve two 3-person bubbles or a bubble of 2 and another of 4. We'll seat you next to each other when we receive notice of the orders. And yes, you will end up having 6' of space between groupings.

Q: What if I'm a party of one?

A: At this time we are only offering bubbles of 2, 3, and 4. If you're a party of one reserving a 2-person bubble, you will receive both dining vouchers.

Q: How do I order tickets?

A: On the following pages you'll be prompted to select a "bubble" size of 2, 3, or 4 guests and then begin the payment process. If you have previously reserved tickets online for an event at 3Below Theaters, you can use the "Login/Returning Customer" feature for quicker service. Otherwise, use the "Create Account" or “Guest Checkout” feature to complete your order.

Q: Are there any ticketing fees?

A: There are no additional fees for the event. Fees are included in the ticket prices and cover some of the percentages per ticket assessed by the credit card processing company and the services associated with online, phone, and in-person ticketing.

Q: Tell me about refunds and exchanges

A: Please make your purchase carefully: there are no refunds unless the event is canceled due to weather or County mandate. Requests to exchange to another event in the Up On The Roof series will be considered on a case by case basis.

Q: Are the events up on the roof accessible?

A: The “bubbles” for Up On The Roof are completely accessible for guests using wheelchairs or walkers. Please send us a note if you will be using your own seat and do not need us to set up a chair for you. 

Q: What Should I bring up on the roof?

A: Your Mask: Everyone in attendance must wear a nose and mouth covering at all times during the event unless consuming food or beverages. Your Contact Info: In compliance with Santa Clara County’s requirements for public outdoor gatherings, we will be collecting Name and Email Address for each member of your party, not just the person who made the reservation. In the event we are notified someone from our event contracts Covid-19, this record will be used for contact tracing. Layers of Clothing: This is an outdoor event so be sure to dress comfortably and bring layers in case it gets breezy. Comfort Items: You might enjoy a small pillow for your chair or a blanket.

Pro Tip: No need to bring a chair! We’re taking care of seating by bringing up theater seats (with cupholders even!)

NOTE: Large bags are subject to search to ensure no one is bringing alcohol to this event from the outside.

Q: How early should I arrive?

A: Arriving 30-45 minutes prior to the event start time will give you time to use the restroom, check-in, and get seated. Arriving 45-60 minutes prior to the event start time will also give you time to order food and beverages.

Q: where should i park?

A: Park in the 2nd & San Carlos Street Garage: If you’re driving into Downtown San Jose, parking could not be more convenient for our events! As the name infers, Up On The Roof takes place on the top floor of our building, which also houses the 2nd & San Carlos Street Garage. Plan to park on the 1st-4th floors; the 5th floor will not be accessible for parking.

Pro Tip: Bring your garage parking ticket with you upstairs so our team can validate for free parking for up to 3 1/2 hours.

Q: where should I go when i arrive?

A: Go DOWNSTAIRS for Restrooms and Cafe. The Restrooms at 3Below (ground floor) will be open and maintained to the highest level of cleanliness during your visit. THERE ARE NO RESTROOMS ON THE 5TH FLOOR. The Cafe will be open prior to events and will have hot dogs, waffles, gelato, gourmet coffee and more for an hour after events start. We will also have popcorn, soda, cookies and candy available up on the roof.

Go UPSTAIRS for Event Check-in/Box Office

Pro Tip: Out of respect for our wheelchair-bound patrons who can only use the elevator to move from floor to floor, please take the stairs if you are able. This will also help with maintaining physical distance from one another.

Q: Are there stairs or elevators?

A: The 2nd & San Carlos Street Garage has stairs and an elevator on the 2nd Street side of the garage. Please use these to to get to the 5th floor and enter the event site. Plan to use the Stairs on the 3rd Street side of the garage to exit the event site (unless you need to use the elevator in which case you can exit on the 2nd Street side.)

Q: Where do I go once I'm up on the roof?

A: Look for the Check-in Kiosk. Our team will greet you, scan your tickets, and show you to your "bubble," a predefined grouping of 2, 3, or 4 seats on the rooftop of the 2nd & San Carlos Street Garage. We’ll provide chairs with cupholders and a side table for your belongings and food. We ask that you plan to stay in your bubble throughout the duration of the event except to use the restroom. 

Q: will there be food and drinks available?

A: Yes! Our cafe will be open with a modified menu. We humbly encourage you to support us by purchasing good eats, tasty treats, and wine, beer, and coffee from us. You can look forward to:

  • Gourmet Hot Dogs with a variety of topping options
  • Premium Italian Gelato
  • Belgian Waffles and our nearly famous "Waffelato"
  • Premium Coffee & Espresso
  • Hot Buttered Popcorn
  • Cookies and Candy
  • A variety of hot and cold beverages including wine, beer and soda

Pro Tip: No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted. Large bags are subject to search to ensure no one is bringing alcohol to this event from the outside.

Q: what if an event is cancelled?

A: Before you make a reservation, please be prepared for the notion that we may have to cancel an event for any of three reasons: the air quality due to the wildfires or inclimate weather in general, a programming change imposed upon us by the movie studio, or changes to the current Covid-19 guidelines as mandated at the local or federal level. We are optimistic that we will be able to proceed as planned but ask our patrons to be sympathic to changes that may arise. In the event that a program must be canceled, we will issue a refund for the ticket cost as well as the ticket service fees.

Q: What is the bubble made of? Plastic? Wood?

A: This might be our favorite question yet. No, sorry, but the bubbles are invisible; there is no actual barrier. The word "bubble" is being used to describe illustrate your coming with someone in your own familial bubble and keeping your distance from other "bubbles." 


Thank You For Reading!

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