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High-Quality Events for Youth and Families

Taking its name from that magical place where childhood fantasy runs wild, The Clubhouse at 3Below offers year-round programming to engage and “wow” youth and their families.

Our Clubhouse series is wonderfully interactive and includes

  • mini-musicals for the whole family with post-performance activities for youth including cookie decorating, craft-making, and meet-and-greets with costumed characters
  • sing-along cinema of your favorite movie musicals and animated features
  • and Clubhouse Parties for the little princes, princesses, pirates, and Potter fans in your family

What Happens at The Clubhouse?

The Event:

When you check in, you’ll receive your Fun Pack for the day’s event which will be filled with goodies to make the experience of seeing the show or film even more fun!

Parties &

As you enter our awesome Clubhouse theater, our host will get everyone excited and tell you what to expect at the day’s event. They’ll also tell you how to use the props in your Fun Pack during the show. Then, get ready for a wildly entertaining interactive experience: a mini-musical starring talented performers or a wildly wacky party!

Sing-Alongs &

Our family friendly sing-alongs are held in our largest theater so you get big movies on the big screen with big sound. Then we make great movies better one fun pack at a time! In-movie surprises, props to go along with the film, and on-screen lyrics make attending our alongs an experience you’ll never forget.

The Event:

After our Parties & Productions, you can enjoy our Imagination Stations. These interactive activity stations vary depending on the event but usually include cookie decorating, craft making, and/or meet-and-greet photo ops with the characters from the show. 


Performances and activities have been developed for kids ages 4 to 12 with parent supervision; sing-alongs are great for all ages. All performances have not only been written for the youth attendees but to entertain the child’s chaperone with great music and great fun.

Tickets Available for All Events Now

Clubhouse Performances & Parties Admission:

    Clubhouse Sing-alongs Admission:

      2024 Clubhouse Events

      Pirate Party

      Feb 25

      Ahoy Maties! It’s time for a Pirate Parrrrrrrty and ye be invited! Little pirates and big captains (e.g. kids and grownups alike!) will have a blast as we gather on the deck of the Good Ship Boaty McBoatface to celebrate our Captain’s birthday. We’ll search for lost treasure, sail the ocean blue, sing sea shanties, and enjoy pirate treats and sweets. Our First Mate will tell jokes and lead games (like Musical Maps, Cannonball Pop, a Costume Relay, “Captain Says”, Ship/Island, and Walk the Plank) all designed to leave you and your family roaring with laughter. 

      Just Bunnies

      Mar 24

      Hop into Springtime with our bunnies! They sing, they dance, they play hoppy games – and everyone gets to get in on the act. The fun starts when The Big Giant Hare welcomes all of the aspiring Easter bunnies in the audience and teaches the Easter bunny theme song. Then, with ears on and paws a-tappin’, everyone will learn what it takes to be an honorary Easter bunny: decorate and hide eggs, know all sorts of chocolate and candy, and of course, tell a thoroughly delightful Easter tail! (Er, tale that is!) 

      Moana Sing-Along

      Apr 6 & 7

      Join us for Moana the sing-along as it takes this already joyful movie to the next level, allowing our guests to fully immerse themselves in the music. From the very beginning of the movie, lyrics appear on the screen, inviting viewers to sing along with Moana and Maui. This movie celebrates the strength, resilience, and determination of a young girl who refuses to give up in the face of adversity. Moana is a role model for children everywhere, showing them that they too can overcome the biggest obstacles if they have the courage to try.

      A Perfect Prince & Princess Party

      May 5

      We’re hosting A Perfect Prince & Princess Party! A special day in honor of the world’s best-loved Storybook Princesses and Princes, honored guests may include Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Princess Who Kissed the Frog, Cinderella, and Mulan…and you! First, we’ll have a royal mini-feast of finger food followed by fun and festivities. With your help, we’ll tell each princess’s story and sing some favorite royal songs, play royal party games, and make prince and princess crafts.

      Tea with Alice

      June 8 & 9

      Pint-sized party goers can join familiar characters from Alice in Wonderland for a music-filled unbirthday party! Alice, ever the perfect hostess, will treat guests to tea (that tastes remarkably like lemonade!) and sweets provided by none other than the Queen of Hearts. But what will happen when the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter forget their manners? Don’t worry, Alice will help everyone learn party going manners and table etiquette at this fanciful, fun, and very funny Wonderland Tea Party. Don’t be late for this very important date with our madcap residents of Wonderland!

      Harry Potter Party

      July 28

      We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a celebration of Harry Potter’s 11th birthday! Muggles Welcome!  Traditional wizarding robes and wands are encouraged when you join us for the sorting, play a rousing game of Quidditch, and attend a magical Potions class. Happee Birthdae Harry!

      Frozen Sing-Along

      Aug 24 & 25

      The sing-along for the next generation! Frozen has shown kids around the world that it’s normal to want to burst into song while watching your favorite movie musical. And why not! We invite you to “let it go!” and sing-along to your heart’s content with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. Of course, it’s not just for kids: any Disney fan worth their snow flurry can belt out both parts to “Love Is An Open Door” and all the catchy Broadway-style tunes in this new sing-along experience.

      Saturday Morning Cartoon Pajama Party

      September 22

      This super fun event is part of a “complete and balanced” party just for our Clubhouse friends! Come in your PJs, bring your favorite stuffed animal, and journey back in time for a morning of cartoons, breakfast cereal, games, activities, and laughs. We’ll present a collection of favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons featuring The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and even some Schoolhouse Rock!

      Monster Bash

      October 19, 20, 26, & 27

      Shake those chains, rattle those bones, and let the ghoul times roll at the “Monster Bash!” Hosted by your favorite not-so-spooky monsters from Halloween past, “Monster Bash!” will have kids of all ages singing and dancing along with classic monster melodies such as “The Monster Mash”, “The Addams Family”, and “Casper, The Friendly Ghost.” This original musical involves the entire audience as we lead a New Year’s Eve-style countdown to Halloween with tons of tricks, treats, and prizes.

      COCO Dia De Los Muertos Celebration

      Nov 1, 2, & 3

      The Coco Sing-Along captures the spirit of the Day of the Dead celebration with its vibrant colors, lively music, and elaborate altars adorned with flowers and offerings. It is a heartwarming story that celebrates family, tradition, and the importance of following your dreams. In addition to the catchy tunes, the Coco Sing-Along also features stunning animation and attention to detail in every scene. The Land of the Dead is a breathtakingly beautiful world, filled with colorful buildings and characters that glow with an otherworldly radiance. The designs of the characters are also visually striking, with their intricate clothing and makeup reflecting the culture and traditions of Mexico.


      December 15

      When a very important “Santa-Gram” is delivered from the North Pole, Santa’s favorite elves find themselves in a heap of trouble! Without a moment’s hesitation, they put their pointy ears together get back on Santa’s nice list by singing a medley of all of the best-loved Christmas songs, taking the audience down memory lane with holiday stories, and delighting young and old alike with holiday games.

      A Mini MeshugaNutcracker!

      December 22

      Everyone is welcome at this Chanukah celebration that takes the audience on a compact journey through the Festival of Lights with songs and stories from the original hit musical, “The MeshugaNutcracker!” After the performance, we’ll tuck into jelly doughnuts and hot apple cider while we make Chanukah decorations and activities.

      Noon Year’s Eve

      December 31

      New Year’s Eve is usually just for grown-ups but NOON Year’s Eve is fun for kids and their families! We’ll get the party started with interactive games and music to delight the crowd before heading into our movie theater for a New Year’s short film. Once the credits roll we’ll head into the lobby for a toast with sparkling cider, a delicious dessert buffet, a countdown, and activities.