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Thank you for your interest in covering our programs, productions, and events. To make it as easy on you as possible, we have created this Press Portal with all the info you might need in one place.  Below you’ll find some or all of the following depending on the project:

  • Press Releases 
  • Calendar Listing
  • Graphics like posters and web banners
  • Production stills
  • Video links
  • Link for ticketing
  • Links for social media

Of course, we are more than happy to send assets directly to your email if you’d prefer so please let us know what you’d like us to send.

Active Press Portal Events:

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Assets for “Jerry Springer The Opera”

Press Release | PDF

Press Release | Google Doc

Press Release | Text Only

Photo credit: Ric Iverson

Ric Iverson stars in “Ric Iverson is Alive and Well and Living in Milpitas” performing at 3Below Theaters 

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