Downtown San Jose Open Mic Nights

Coming soon, every Wednesday our downtown San Jose lobby will be filled with the sound of musical theatre…or pop, country, and rock ‘n roll…or opera…or side-splitting laughter.

Open Mic Nights are a win/win since the guests get a great night of free entertainment and the performers get a safe space to try out new material, build a following, and get those ever-present butterflies out of their system before heading to their next audition or big-time show.

Entertainers of all levels of experience will have the opportunity to try out new material or polish their favorite pieces before a live audience of supportive fans-in-the-making.

If You're a Spectator…

Space is limited so advance reservations are encouraged. To attend as a spectator, click the Reservation button below.

We Have an Open Mic for Almost Everyone

Stand-Up Comedy Open Mic Nights

You just might witness the birth of the next Jerry Seinfeld or maybe even find out we have an aspiring Fluffy in our own backyard. 


Musical Theatre Open Mic Nights

This is the place to be if you love songs made famous by the likes of Bernadette Peters, Mandy Patinkin, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Patti LuPone. You may even witness a Broadway baby in the making.


Pop, Rock and Country Music Open Mic Nights

With such a vast array of songs to choose from, performers will no doubt put on a great show as they dazzle with original songs or hits made famous by everyone from Taylor Dayne to Taylor Swift.


Opera Open Mic Nights

Rarely do you get the chance to see opera singers up close and personal; time to catch these rising stars before they’re 100 feet away on a metropolitan opera house stage. No doubt you’ll hear favorite arias along with lesser-known pieces performed by singers with aspirations in the classical arts.



How It Works

Space is limited so advance reservations are encouraged.

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To attend as a performer, keep reading and use the form on this page to register

Arrive at 6:00pm to enjoy a few drinks with friends and have something to eat while we pipe in an awesome playlist through the lobby sound system to get you in the mood. This is also when performers will check in with Event Staff and, for music open mic nights, go over sheet music with the accompanist.

At 6:30pm our host will introduce each performer for a great line-up of songs and comedy sets. Throughout the evening during transition time, the host will interview the performers, let the accompanist riff for a bit, and even give away prizes for correct answers to trivia questions.

Things To Know

For music-based Open Mic Nights, an accompanist who sight-reads will be at the piano. Bring sheet music in your key, marked as you want it played with any cuts or other indications. Please tape your sheet music back-to-back and use a 3-ring binder to secure the pages. During the first half hour of the evening, performers will have a few minutes to show the accompanist the song(s) to be sung. Pre-recorded backing tracks are also welcome and must be submitted in advance via email

All performers are encouraged to write a few bits of information about themselves on an index card or piece of paper so the host can do a proper introduction. This could include name, age, number of years performing, hopes and goals for the future, where you can be seen next, etc.

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