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The Clubhouse at 3Below Theaters Presents…

Moana Sing Along

Apr 6 & 7

Join us for Moana the sing-along as it takes this already joyful movie to the next level, allowing our guests to fully immerse themselves in the music. From the very beginning of the movie, lyrics appear on the screen, inviting viewers to sing along with Moana and Maui. This movie celebrates the strength, resilience, and determination of a young girl who refuses to give up in the face of adversity. Moana is a role model for children everywhere, showing them that they too can overcome the biggest obstacles if they have the courage to try.

  • Event Includes:
    • Fun-pack of props to go along with the movie
    • Pre-show fun like trivia, costume contests, costume parades
    • Audience participation
    • In-movie surprises
    • On-screen lyrics so you can sing-along with your favorite movie musicals
  • Tickets:

High-Quality Events for Youth and Families

Taking its name from that magical place where childhood fantasy runs wild, The Clubhouse at 3Below offers year-round programming to engage and “wow” youth and their families.

Our Clubhouse series is wonderfully interactive and includes

  • mini-musicals for the whole family with post-performance activities for youth including cookie decorating, craft-making, and meet-and-greets with costumed characters
  • sing-along cinema of your favorite movie musicals and animated features
  • and Clubhouse Parties for the little princes, princesses, pirates, and Potter fans in your family

What Happens at The Clubhouse?

The Event:

When you check in, you’ll receive your Fun Pack for the day’s event which will be filled with goodies to make the experience of seeing the show or film even more fun!

Parties &

As you enter our awesome Clubhouse theater, our host will get everyone excited and tell you what to expect at the day’s event. They’ll also tell you how to use the props in your Fun Pack during the show. Then, get ready for a wildly entertaining interactive experience: a mini-musical starring talented performers or a wildly wacky party!

Sing-Alongs &

Our family friendly sing-alongs are held in our largest theater so you get big movies on the big screen with big sound. Then we make great movies better one fun pack at a time! In-movie surprises, props to go along with the film, and on-screen lyrics make attending our alongs an experience you’ll never forget.

The Event:

After our Parties & Productions, you can enjoy our Imagination Stations. These interactive activity stations vary depending on the event but usually include cookie decorating, craft making, and/or meet-and-greet photo ops with the characters from the show. 


Performances and activities have been developed for kids ages 4 to 12 with parent supervision; sing-alongs are great for all ages. All performances have not only been written for the youth attendees but to entertain the child’s chaperone with great music and great fun.

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