Family Game Night

Coming soon!

Come play with us! Family Game Night is fun for the whole family and a simple, stress-free way to feed the bunch, enjoy each other’s company, and then crush them all in a competitive game of Jenga, Monopoly, Boggle, or Twister!

How It Works

Food service starts at 6:00pm with quick service, easy-to-nosh picks and pints of your favorite beverage.

At 6:30pm, the host will welcome guests and lead a group game in the style of Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and other great group games as families continue eating.

Then at 7:00 pm guests will break off into smaller groups for table-top games with friends – or you can make new friends and start up a game with strangers!

Every 15 minutes a sound effect will play signaling everyone to pause their game and listen to the trivia questions for prizes! Gameplay resumes until there’s a winner at every table (or until around 8:30pm).

Sound like fun? It is. So make your reservation by clicking the reservation button above before it's too late because space is limited. 

Always check back here for changes in schedule due to special events and holidays!

Please tell your friends!