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Corporate Membership

As a Corporate 3Believer, you not only receive the direct benefits that we offer directly to our sponsors, but you will reap the rewards that the arts can provide a community. 


(Property of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies)

ECONOMIC DRIVERS: The arts create jobs and produce tax revenue. A strong arts sector is an economic asset that stimulates business activity, attracts tourism revenue, retains a high quality work force and stabilizes property values. The arts have been shown to be a successful and sustainable strategy for revitalizing rural areas, inner cities and populations struggling with poverty.

EDUCATIONAL ASSETS: The arts foster young imaginations and facilitate children’s success in school. They provide the critical thinking, communications and innovation skills essential to a productive 21st-century workforce.

CIVIC CATALYSTS: The arts create a welcoming sense of place and a desirable quality of life. The arts also support a strong democracy, engaging citizens in civic discourse, dramatizing important issues and encouraging collective problem solving.

From employee engagement to client entertaining; from press conferences to holiday parties, 3Below will tailor benefits to meet your business objectives. In addition, Corporate Club Membership will align your company with an elite group of San Jose businesses while it affirms your status as a company that takes its corporate citizenship seriously.

Join the Club and give your team a backstage pass to:

  • Employee discounts
  • Professional development workshops
  • Memorable client entertainment
  • Access to house seats
  • Passes to VIP events with complimentary beverages and snacks
  • Invitations to artist receptions
  • Event venues

If you believe in what we do at 3Below Theaters, a corporate membership is the best way to show your love and support. It is truly our pleasure to work as hard as we do knowing that our efforts are giving the community much needed joy. By sticking with us as we do our very best to hang on through the endemic, you are making it so 3Below can remain a sparkling jewel in the Downtown Arts scene.

It’s A Tough Time for the Arts. You Can Help.

Across the country, theaters are suffering. Many have announced a pause in new productions and laid off the majority of its staff. Some theaters have simply closed for good. Each struggles with reduced contributions and severely depressed ticket sales. Even Broadway is not immune, only 83% of its audience returned this past season.

Theater artists did not go to class and ask, “How do you survive a global pandemic?” “It’s truly uncharted waters.

While other sectors of the arts have rebounded, the worry is that theater audiences have changed their behavior, now seeming to prefer streaming nightly entertainment from the couch.

But we’ve kept our finger firmly on the pulse of what people really want post-pandemic. We’ve never let our bond break and as the pandemic took hold, we took over the rooftop of the garage above our theater, built a stage and were among the first theaters in the nation to invite back audiences. People wept on the roof because they had somewhere to be and other people to share their experiences with. They know they can’t feel the same sense of community from their living room. So, we hope you’ll come hang out at our house: our Playhouse, our Arthouse, our Clubhouse, and our Schoolhouse.