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The Arthouse at 3Below Theaters Presents…

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Quote-Along

February 2

What IS the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Run away! Run away! No, wait – don’t run away! Run to 3Below and join us for a hilariously absurd evening of knights, coconuts, and outrageous quotes! Embark on a legendary quest as we screen the cult classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail as a quote-along extravaganza! This interactive experience will have you laughing, quoting, and clapping along to the iconic moments. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind cinematic event that will have you laughing until you say “Ni!”

On October 5, 1969, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” first aired on BBC1 going on to run for four series, spawning four original films, numerous live shows and several albums. This exclusive quote-along and sing-along event comes right in time for Monty Python’s 55th anniversary. You’ll want to “Run away! Run away!” and straight into 3Below for this memorable, quotable, hilarious interactive event.

The Monty Python team were at it again in what was their second movie. This time we follow King Arthur and his knights in their search for the Holy Grail. This isn’t your average medieval knights and horses story: join us for this comedic send-up of the grim circumstances of the Middle Ages as told through the story of King Arthur and framed by a modern-day murder investigation. 

When the mythical king of the Britons leads his knights on a quest for the Holy Grail, they face a wide array of horrors, including a persistent Black Knight, a three-headed giant, a cadre of shrubbery-challenged knights, the perilous Castle Anthrax, a killer rabbit, a house of virgins, and a handful of rude Frenchmen.

Dates, Times, and Titles are Subject To Change Pending Booking Availability


$15 3Below Members
$18 non-Members
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Admission Includes:

  • Fun-pack of props to go along with the movie
  • Pre-show fun like trivia, costume contests, costume parades
  • Audience participation
  • In-movie surprises
  • On-screen lyrics so you can sing-along with your favorite movie musicals

About Our Alongs

Back in 2009 when we hosted our first “along”, we had no idea we would go on to present hundreds of sing-along and quote-along events delighting tens of thousands of people throughout the state. Now that we have a theater to program 365 days a year, we have plenty of opportunities to book the best in interactive entertainment!

Event Highlights

Our interactive experiences begin with a pre-show led by our quirky and witty emcee who welcomes our enthusiastic audiences and introduces the interactive elements of each Sing-Along, Quote-Along or Special Event Experience. A Fun Pack is included as part of admission to enhance the participation experience. And, additional in-movie antics with even more giveaways and props are frequently part of the fun.


The pre-show starts at the published event time; no need to arrive any earlier than you normally would to get great food and drinks from our café, use the restrooms, and find your seats – and since seats are reserved in advance, you’ll save even more time. During the pre-show, our host will explain all the fun planned for the event including the fun pack included with your admission price, the on-screen lyrics (for sing-alongs), and other in-movie antics you can look forward to.

Costumes Strongly Encouraged!

Dressing up in a costume from the movie, or that ties in creatively, is always encouraged! We may even bring you up to showcase your costume as part of the pre-show festivities…and sometimes we even have costume contests for terrific prizes.