288 S Second St, San Jose, CA

Cinema Events at 3Below Theaters

San Jose Playhouse urges you to consider making 3Below your 3rd place for enjoying movies, cinema events, and dining. It is amazing how powerful a trip to the movie theater can be. As our culture moves toward one that is complacent enjoying our art in an isolated manner (on our phones, our laptops, our televisions), 3Below Theaters will continue to be a place where art is experienced together as a community. People are meant to be engaged and entertained by their art. Together we are meant to discuss the ideas and messages presented by the artist.

So that’s what 3Below does with their movie events. They encourage discussion. They engage you and your family and friends by starting the conversation at the theatre and inspire and encourage you to continue the discussion at home, at work, and in the classroom. They offer you art and artists that are bigger than life, that add depth to our lives.

By hand selecting new independent films offered in tandem with first run commercial film, revival and retro favorites (including sing-along and quote-along event experiences), 3Below in downtown San Jose will remain the best place to find cinema gems, those classic and those destined to become so.