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Exclusive 3Believers-only Discount Package

You have your 3Believers Membership, now enjoy one of the best benefits on the list! 

This year, our Playhouse Series includes five productions. The regular price for individual tickets to those productions is $65.

If you reserve each show individually, your tickets will be $45 as a 3Believer. That’s already a great deal at $20 off the regular price BUT if you already know you want to attend all five productions in the series, we are pleased to offer an even bigger discount if you order before February 14, 2024:

$36 Tickets!

How To Order:

  • Below, select how many packages you’d like; you’ll need one for each person in your membership*
  • Click next (or give as a gift to spread the joy of live theatre) and complete the sign in section to finish your reservation process
  • At checkout, you’ll be able to pay with any major credit card or use your gift certificate if you have one by entering the code from the card.
  • Curious about show dates and seat choices? Your emailed confirmation will include a link to quick form to let us know when you’d like to attend and where you’d like to sit. We take care of booking your seats on the desired dates so you don’t have to take that time. Your tickets will be emailed to you.

*This offer is not for friends. It’s only good for 3Believers. You can reserve additional individual tickets for friends after you’ve set your package. Just let us know how many you’d like and we’ll send you a Hold order.

All San Jose Playhouse events take place at 3Below Theaters located at the corner of 2nd Street & San Carlos Street.

All events, dates, times, and actors are subject to change.